AENS is an Ethereum based utility token created under the ERC223 standard.

The premise of AENS is to be the "exclusive membership" token and medium of exchange fueling certain activities within Aenco's ecosystem and product suite. AENS will act to generate incentives within the network by deriving ongoing rewards and discount benefits to our community users.

Global Community

To enjoy platform membership, priority access to evolving ecosystem opportunities, utility, community rewards, and platform solutions.

Aenco Platform

Community opportunities and utility across Aenco's product suite, online tools, and growing ecosystem.

Partners and Sponsored Projects

Different utility across an existing pipeline and expanding network of industry partners that recognize the value of making smarter connections between human and financial capital via the Aenco Platform.

AENS is your medium of exchange across the Aenco product suite and ecosystem.

Visit each of our platform applications as they evolve to learn more about specific use cases, rewards, and discount benefits by either transacting in, or accumulating a stake in AENS.


AEN Smart Tokens (AENS) are currently traded against major quote currencies at the following digital asset exchanges. We aim to continuously grow our exchange partnerships as underlying project milestones are tackled, and ongoing use cases are developed. Visit our partners today!